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We install all types of poured seamless floors -

Epoxies, Urethanes, Acrylics, Self Levelers & Flexible Systems

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Manufacturing Epoxy Flooring New York

Hoffman Floor Covering will help you transform your New York retail or showroom floor into a durable seamless flooring system. This flooring system is designed to withstand heavy chemical and color stains and is easily cleaned as well as slip-resistant. Since we create a high gloss poured floor, it is very unlikely you will have to wax, strip or polish. This will reduce maintenance costs and operation downtime.


Some of the high performance areas where we install Epoxy Flooring solutions in NY include:


• Department Stores

• Supermarkets

• Cafeterias

• Shopping malls

• Retail Units

• Commercial, Warehouse,  Garage, Residential

• Specialty Work of Any Size


Hoffman Flooring uses customized seamless flooring to tailor your poured floor to your exact specifications.We help our clients to explore the possibilities in combining both design and functionality and we utilize our expertise and capabilities to create customized solutions to suit the individual preferences of our clients.


Chemically Seamless Flooring


Hoffman Flooring Coverings Corp’s materials are approved by USDA, OSHA, FDA, EPA, and the US Department of Health.  We create safe epoxy flooring with elegant designs with our poured floor system. A 100%  non porous surface is inexpensive to maintain while ensuring there are no grout lines, dirt, dust, or bacteria to collect. Marbleized, terrazzo patterns, stripes and even a full photo is within our capabilities with a full colored finished. There are no limitations to the design aspects and Hoffman Flooring Covering Corp can be instrumental to any interior design concept. Residential, warehouse and commercial properties can benefit from this seamless option.


Hoffman Flooring Covering Corp. is located in New York, NY and for no obligation you can call for a FREE estimate at (631) 454-8011.